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View Engineering and Automation is a 100% Brazilian Company with global quality standards.

Currently present in 3 Brazilian states (Rio de Janeiro / Bahia / Minas Gerais), View’s technical expertise is capable of developing, integrating and implementing flexible and customized solutions to our clients, based on each project’s specific requirements. We offer "turn-key" solutions, involving the following activities:

• System Specifications Consulting
• Industrial and Building Technologies Consulting
• Preliminary Projects Elaboration
• Systems Integration
• Software Applications for CLP’s
• Monitoring Systems Software Applications
• Field Engineering (Commissioning, Start-up and Technical Assistance)
• Electromechanical Assemblies and Field Instrumentation
• Electric Panels Assemblies (Control and Force - CCM’s)
• Electrical and Electronics Instrumentation Projects
• Projects and Assemblies of Computer Networks
• Courses and Training

Our technical team, formed by designers and highly skilled engineers is in fact our biggest differentiator from the competition. A team formed by experienced and trained professionals which analyze and provide the best solutions with the best cost-benefit ratio.

View Engineering is Strength and Flexibility.

View Engineering and Automation has maintained strong and lasting relationships with their customers, partners and suppliers since 1995. 

The reason we are this way is because we have built a reliable history of trust, which is reflected in the application of the best principles and endorsed by modern industrial automation engineering techniques and systems integration.

From the Basic Automation Project to effectively putting the system into operation, we guarantee the precise planning and meticulous execution of services with quality, safety and ethics.

In our business culture, we have a sustainable and consistent view of our activities, focusing on continuous improvement processes and focused on meeting customer needs.

Today and always.

Vocation for excellence.

That’s the reason why we exist.

To offer complete process solutions in all stages of engineering services, consulting, development of industrial software, maintenance and repair of industrial facilities, technical assistance and related services. In addition to the marketing of domestic and imported automation equipment.

Our services are customized to meet each project’s specific requirements. This flexibility allows us to scale the appropriate resources and integrated solutions, taking into account the project’s technical, financial and environmental constraints.

Do you know what that means?

More value for your business and for your products, high quality services, meeting the scaled time and costs, without waste of time and money.

This is View’s way, this is our spirit.

This is our history.

    To be the most trusted provider of Automation Solutions, Integration Systems and IT for the industrial market.
    Provide technological solutions to ensure greater productivity to our customers, quality and profitability with safety and environmental preservation in mind.

    We are firm believers that:

    • Quality is the essential tool that ensures View’s growth.

    • We guarantee respect and preservation of the environment in order to improve the world for future generations.

    • Healthy, conscious and cautious employees ensure View’s survival.

    • Promoting the development and professional fulfillment of our employees, ensuring that this policy is an integral part of our employees’ posture, mentality and attitude.

    • Through searching permanently for the evolution of our processes, business practices, effectiveness of services, respect for the environment, the health and safety of our employees, and the continuous improvement of our Management System.

    • By increasing customer’s satisfaction level in the pursuit of becoming reference in the market in which we operate.


    • Oil & Gas
    • Oil Refining
    • Quemical and Petrochemical
    • Automotive
    • Siderurgical
    • Food
    • Fuel Distribution
    • Communication Systems and CFTV
    • Building Technologies

Board of Directors


Partner / Technical Director
E-mail: wasserman@view.com.br
Mobile: +55 21 98169-5521


Partner / Technical Director
E-mail: lomazoni@view.com.br
Mobile: +55 21 98169-5504

Marcelo Reis Souto Mayor

Partner / Director Commercial
E-mail: msmayor@view.com.br
Mobile: +55 21 98169-5502

Guilherme R. Faria dos Reis

Managing Director / Financial E-mail: guilherme.reis@view.com.br
Mobile: +55 21 98169-5505