Our mission

Provide technological solutions to ensure greater productivity to our customers, quality and profitability with safety and environmental preservation in mind.

Our vision

To be the most trusted provider of Automation Solutions, Integration Systems and IT for the industrial market.

Our Quality Policy

We are firm believers that:

  • Quality is the essential tool that ensures View’s growth;
  • We guarantee respect and preservation of the environment in order to improve the world for future generations;
  • Healthy, conscious and cautious employees ensure View’s survival;

Promoting the development and professional fulfillment of our employees, ensuring that this policy is an integral part of our employees’ posture, mentality and attitude.

Through searching permanently for the evolution of our processes, business practices, effectiveness of services, respect for the environment, the health and safety of our employees, and the continuous improvement of our Management System.

By increasing customer’s satisfaction level in the pursuit of becoming reference in the market in which we operate.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

View Engineering has an environmental management system under implementation and maintains the commitment to the environmental issues established through its environmental policy, described below:

  • Comply with the environmental legislation and its system procedures regarding our services.
  • Recycle and reuse as much as possible, minimizing waste production.
  • Raise employees' awareness about the importance of environmental preservation and the environmental management system.
  • Reduce environmental impacts through goals.
  • Conscious use of the natural resources and fight against the waste of electricity and water.

Occupational health and safety policies

View Engineering has a health management and occupational safety system under implementation and maintains the commitment to the health and safety issues established through its policy, described below:

  • Provide safe work environments in all operational locations and facilities. Aiming at achieving our main goal of minimizing exposure to the inherent risks to the work environment of our employees and service providers, under our responsibility.

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