Consortium QI - HDS REDUC: New HDS Unit (U-4500 and U-4580)

Contract started in July of 2009, lasting three (03) years, with full integration of 44 packages that compose and interconnect HDS 4500 and 4580 units:

  • Documentation Analysis emitted by each Package to ensure proper integration between the Packages
  • Documentation Certification already consolidated with the integration requirements, Development of Specifications of various Techniques (Networks, Controllers, Softwares, Optical Fibers, Safe Energy Systems etc.)
  • Memory Map Development of 44 packages for communication with the DCS ABB
  • Preparation of TAF procedures, Hardware and Software, and packages with the DCS ABB
  • TAF Monitoring and approval
  • Network Assembly Supervision and communication bars, Certification of facilities of the various Communication Networks (RS-232C, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP / IP, Profibus DP, Ethernet TCP / IP and Foundation Fieldbus)
  • Field Laboratory tests in order to test and certify all existing instruments of the Foundation Fieldbus segments before the field installation
  • Meshes Commissioning Management from the Loop Folders tests developed by Consortium IQ
  • Commissioning of all the meshes that made up the above Units
  • Start-up ad Assisted Operation

Besides the final Data Book Development with all the history of assemblies, certifications, Mesh testing and delivery of the 44 existing packages in the System.

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