Cooling Tower COMPERJ U-5601

View Engineering was hired by FIDENS Engineering for the supply of skilled labor aimed at Engineering. To meet the following transactions aiming the Consolidation and Generation of the following documents:

  • Consulting and provision of Instrumentation and Automation Engineering services, to achieve integration of the solutions generated for the F & G BA packages, F & G IN, PACKAGES, SDCD and Electrical, delivering the following transactions for each of these systems:
  • Automation and Network Architecture Drawings;
  • Interconnection Diagram;
  • Foundation Fieldbus Logic and Segment Diagram;
  • Cable List;
  • Entrances and Exits / Plug Ins and Outlets;
  • List of Instruments;
  • List of Adjustments Points and Alarms;
  • Cause and Effect Pattern;
  • Macrocycle calculation;
  • Power Outage Report Focused on Foundation Fieldbus;

In addition to these services, View Engineering actively cooperated with FIDENS Engineering regarding the integration of the designed engineering solutions, presentation and defense of detailed designs and approval of engineering solutions involving the following vendors:

  • SPIG (TRs);
  • PLANAUTO (Chlorination System);
  • MKG (Filters);
  • LUBRITECH (Oil Mist);
  • LEWA (Electric Engines);
  • JAM (HVAC);
  • GE (Bently Nevada – Sistema 3500);

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