Gas Treatment Unit Automation in Caraguatatuba (UTCGA)

View was responsible for elaborating the screens, Supervision and Control System applications and database configuration, composed of two (2) SCADA servers (data in real time) with the iFIX 5.0 software in redundant configuration. Six (6) operator stations with iFIX Client software, two (2) historical data servers running the iHistorian 4.0 software on the CLUSTER configuration. Approximately 300 graphic displays, 25,000 points in the database using OPC servers to HSE, Ethernet / IP and Modbus-TCP. Communication with the Petrobras IP system through OPC protocol where the IP is an OPC client and the SCADA iFIX are OPC server.

The UTGCA design includes the Foundation Fieldbus system, composed of approximately of 800 instruments / positioners (Honeywell, Yokogawa, Emerson and SMAR), and the hosts (power supply, host controller, signal conditioner and terminators) are also from SMAR. The system communicates with the PLC via a Rockwell redundant Modbus TCP interface and the network iFIX by HSE (High Speed Ethernet) via an OPC server.

View was responsible for configuring all FF instruments (around 800 of them), the configuration of control strategies (process control achieved by FF instruments) using the SMAR programming and configuration tool (SYSCON), preparation of memory calculation of the H1 networks macrocycle, the development of all functional descriptive stitches, Asset Management System configuration (AssetView), preparation of all certification testing procedures for H1 networks (validation test wiring and dynamic test) , execution of all certification tests of H1 networks using the FBT-5 equipment / 6, Scopemeter Fluke 225C, and digital multimeter. Responsible for commissioning all the FF system, comprising the downloading of the entire instrument configuration, optimization of macrocycles, calibration of instruments and positioners, support to start-up and assisted operation.

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